VMware’s Ani Banerjee Discusses Rethinking Work

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What might the future of work actually look like? Our partner Perimeter Connects talked with leading HR executive Ani Banerjee of VMware about his approach to rebalancing the workday in a rapidly changing environment. Press the play button to watch the on-demand webinar recording.

Key Takeaways

The Future is Flexible
The Future is Flexible

The pandemic accelerated existing employee preferences for schedule flexibility. A return to the 9-5 workday is no longer realistic.

Parents Are Juggling Many Schedules
Parents Are Juggling Many Schedules

New workplace scheduling models must accommodate shifting school schedules and guard against disproportionate impacts on parents.

Schedules Must Protect Employer-Employee Boundaries
Schedules Must Protect Employer-Employee Boundaries

In the new virtual workplace, employers are desperate to recreate the “watercooler” but often at the expense workplace boundaries and company culture.

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We’ve created an integrated framework called Balanced Work. In response to the rapidly changing work environment, Balanced Work offers a phased and flexible approach that knits together key workday factors: location, scheduling, and commuting. Browse our collection of guides that explore this emerging new future. Each guide is packed with in-depth research, practical advice, case studies, and ready-made templates. Dive on in.

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