5 Essential Survey Questions to Inform Your Hybrid Work Strategy

Learn what employees really want from the return to the office

5 Essential Survey Questions to Inform Your Hybrid Work Strategy

    When employees start returning to the office, it’s unlikely that they all want to return full-time especially after a year of remote work. So, what do they want? To know for certain, it’s best to ask them.

    We’re giving you 5 questions you can use in an employee survey. These will give you invaluable insights to help you craft a strategy that will help employees perform at their best. Learn how remote work impacts productivity, how many days a week your employees want to be at home, and more.

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    We’ve created an integrated framework called Balanced Work. In response to the rapidly changing work environment, Balanced Work offers a phased and flexible approach that knits together key workday factors: location, scheduling, and commuting. Browse our collection of guides that explore this emerging new future. Each guide is packed with in-depth research, practical advice, case studies, and ready-made templates. Dive on in.

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